Taketa is the city where many sprigs arec
It comes from the Kyusyu Alps, Mt. Aso where an altitude of 1,800meters.

They are called, "Taketa springs", makes the city more attractive.

Among the "Taketa springs", there is the springs called "Sensui springs" which has its large quantity and well known as light and pure.
Sensui Springs

œFrom the Kyusyu Alps, one of the best 4 springs all over Japan

"Taketa springs" is famous for itfs the pure, light and best springs.
It comes from Mt aso where an altitude of 1,800 meters.
It is said to be one of the best 4 springs all over Japan.
The springs are used for bottling water, producing whisky and fish-raising.

œFeatures of Sensui Springs

Water is a fundamental element of our lives. These days our water in need are facing crisis by pollution.
Sensui Natural Mineral Water is the perfect water for the whole family, from a new born babies and for low sodidum diets.

1. Sensui Natural Mineral Water is proud of its large quantity of the resources.
2. Light, mild and pure!
3. microbiologically pure and contains well-balanced mineral


@ Sensui Springs Other major companies
Ca 15.0 2.9
Mg 6.4 1.3
Na 7.9 7.5
K 4.6 0.3
Solidity 60.0 25.0
By Japan Food Analysis Organizatio
¦Reference: Guideline for drinking water by WHO

Reference: Guideline for drinking water by WHO
Light: 0-60mg/l
Middle: 60-120mg/l
VeryHeavy:over 180mg/l

How to use:
the Light water is perfect for any situation in our life.
Sensui Natural Minera Water is good not only for drinking water but also for cooking.

coffee, tea, japanese tea Any tea or coffee is needed light water for its brewing so as not to destruct its aroma or taste.
cooking Light water as Sensui Natural Mineral Water is also a very important element in cooking rice
If we use heavy water in cooking rice, the rice becomes not tasty because of the subversive elements in rice.

œPreservation of the springs in quality

Good reputation to be the best springs requires preservation of the nature and quality in water.
Many Taketa residences are making a continuous support and effort for the preservation.

Please try Sensui Natural Mineral Water from the Kyusyu Alps, Japan!!

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