Sensui Springs
From the Kyusyu Alps, Sensui Springs, Japan From the Kyusyu Alps, Sensui Springs, Japan
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Taketa is one of the most historical city surrounded by Kyusyu Alps, ( Mt.Sobo, Mt.Kujyu and Mt. Aso).
It is very famous for its springs come from the Kyusyu Alps. They are also recognied by the government as one of the best 100th springs all over Japan. More to say, it is said to be one of the best 4 springs.

There is no restaurant so it called, "first food".
Instead, local japanese food has been inhereted…
The legends of sensui springs  

Slow life people
Japanese wood block cut painter, Iwao Akiyama(82)
the son of Iwao Akiyama, a Japanese wood block cut painter
Most of his work are the ones which are based on Santoka's haiku, the Japanese Haik poeter.

Sensui Lineup
Natural Mineral Water
 From the Kyusyu Alps
The rice harvested by Sensui Springs mineral water
 very mild and tasty
Saffron from Sensui Springs
 best quality
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