Sensui Springs
  ・伝説 泉水湧水
Sensui Lineup
Slow Lifeな人たち
Slow Foods
From the Kyusyu Apls, 'Sensui',  one of the best 4 springs all over Japan

We create a world that is clean, sustainable and good to eat…

We have heard a lot about the threatens as to our life in need, FOOD.
Because of the remidies about the discription, lack of the inspection from import food by government or companies and the speed in our lifestyle makes us to the choiced of first food.

We, Sensui Springs Ltd, are creating clean, sustainable and good to eat from the Kyusyu Alps, "Sensui springs", (Taketa city, Oita).
We hope that our life will become much better through our activities.

Mineral Water

>>The rice harvested by
Sensui Springs mineral water

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